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Our Mission

The mission of Just Fight Foundation is to raise awareness, provide training in emergency preparedness and life saving techniques, through linking families in need to valuable resources during times of crisis following a pediatric brain injury.

children are admitted to the ER as a result of TBI every year.
dollars are spent on hospital visits for TBI annually.
percent increase in pediatric TBI cases since 2006.
people in the United States are living with a disability caused by a traumatic brain injury.

Help Support Children

Your donations help support families and children recovering from brain injuries.

If you have a child who is recovering from a brain injury and you're struggling to pay for your child's treatment, or you know someone who is, apply to request assistance! We'll gladly help you and your family get back on your feet.

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Why We Fight

We fight because Ally does. At the age of seven, Ally suffered an accident while taking a bath. After hearing a loud thud, her parents raced to the bathroom to find Ally passed out, under water. Her parents immediately began performing CPR, saving her life.

She was taken to Abington Memorial Hospital, then airlifted to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where she endured weeks of invasive medical treatments. Placed on a ventilator, and put into a medically induced coma, Ally fought to recover.

Her parents, forever at her side, would whisper to her "Just Fight, Ally. Just Fight." And Ally listened. After seven days, Ally was taken off the ventilator, able to breathe on her own. Ally awoke victoriously from her coma, but was left with permanent brain damage. This only made her stronger.

To this day, Ally continues the fight against her traumatic brain injury, but not alone.

The Just Fight Foundation was created to help the families of children like Ally in their fight to recover from brain injuries.

Donate to give these children the fighting chance they need to recover.


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