Interested in getting CPR and choking management classes in your workplace, sports league, child’s school, community, etc?

There are several ways to accomplish this –

• Staff training during Professional Development days or after school hours (or at any time for the non-school workplace)
• Parent/community training – the company, local library, local business, school or the school PTA, etc hosts an event
• Student training – during class period, usually health or gym class is most appropriate

There are also options in the training –

• Child/Adult training – this covers CPR, choking and AED for anyone over the age of 1 year. We have the ability to train 30-60 individuals at once
• Infant training – this is intended for parents, staff or students with children <1 year of age and we can train 10-20 individuals at once

For the student training done during class time, we utilize the CPR In Schools Program – this provides a curriculum with a pre/posttest, so that it meets the need of a “class period” or lesson plan. We can train 30 students at one time.

So, what do we need to support this? Only 2 things! We need a quiet space to hold the sessions with access to an electrical. If A/V equipment is available, that’s a plus, but we also have our own! And we need your help advertising the class to your intended participants! We create the flyer and the SignupGenius and manage all of the registration.

We are flexible with our time and will make any date, time or location work! Contact us TODAY!